At Fresh Pond Capital, we work with clients to bring their investments into alignment with their values. 

We believe that by applying sound financial judgment and ethical values, we can help our clients reach their financial goals while having a positive impact on society. And, just as important, we believe that our clients can use their resources to create needed social change.

To accomplish these goals, we stay focused on fundamental investing principles and issues about which we and our clients feel passionately.

Empowering Women

Women and men approach money differently on a variety of levels: they think about it differently, give it away differently, and prioritize it differently. We recognize these differences and create space for women to find their voice in handling their investments.
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Building a Movement

We tailor each portfolio to reflect the person behind the investments, and we work to amplify their voice through alliances with strategic community organizers and other investors. Through coordinated action, we are able to enlarge the positive footprint of our clients.
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Social Justice

Download our resource list for racial justice and Black allyship.
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A Reflection on COVID

Read thoughts from Milagros Phillips on positive changes brought about by Covid.
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